When to Seek Help

Seeking out professional help

No matter who you are or where you come from, “life” can be too much to ‘handle’ at times. This is when a professional can be helpful. Your choice to accept help should never be looked upon as a shameful one, but one of strength and courage. Everyone needs support and guidance at times; but don’t wait until you hit “rock bottom” and a crisis occurs to consider seeking a therapist. A lot of professionals offer a free consultation to give you a better sense of the help you may need. Many times there are signs that suggest seeking professional help is the right step for you.

Common signs indicating you may need a professional:

People seek out professional help for a variety of reasons. Many times people seek professional help when they experience an overwhelming feeling of stress, anxiety, anger, or mood swings for a prolonged period of time. It can follow traumatic situations such as abuse, or general life events such as a loss of a loved one, being let go from your job, or relationship issues etc. People also seek professional help because they continuously have trouble carrying out their regular, everyday activities such as their job responsibilities. People who feel like hurting themselves or others are also evident indications of needing help. The use of drugs or alcohol are also signs of needing therapy.

Please note, speak to your doctor first to rule out any possible medical causes before considering mental health care.