Let me tell you a story

Jay Steinhardt LICSW Founder of Needingtherapy.com
Jay Steinhardt LICSW
Founder of Needingtherapy.com

I was 10-years-old when my dad said, “take care of your mother,” and left. I was sure it would be the last time I saw him. After years of battling depression, he couldn’t fight anymore, and I was sure he would commit suicide. With not having the right therapist for him, he was out of luck, out of hope, and out of time. I just couldn’t understand why he was unable to find a therapist he felt comfortable enough with to talk to. I even wondered how hard he really tried to find a therapist. The truth was, he had tried. In fact, he tried a few therapists and not one did he find who was right for him. Thankfully, my dad did come home that day, but it took years later, after trying over five different therapists, for him to finally find someone he was comfortable with and get the help he needed.

I will forever be thankful for the help he got and often think about how close I was to losing a father. I know others aren’t as fortunate. I think about his experience and know there are people out there who have lost loved ones because they couldn’t find someone they felt comfortable enough with to talk to. People shouldn’t have to have the added stress of going through multiple therapists before finally finding a professional they’re comfortable enough with to talk to.

Dad, this site is dedicated to you in the hopes that people will find help sooner rather than later.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you the best chance at finding a therapist that’s right for you. Finding help can be an overwhelming experience, and that’s even before sitting down for your first session. Our hope is that needingtherapy.com will help to give you a better sense of which therapist might work for you, bringing you one step closer to getting the support and care you need.